Friday, July 30, 2010

Confession: I am addicted to peeing on things

I'm not too proud...I can admit it...I have an addiction...and its nothing pretty either like buying shiny lip glosses, or new clothes....I am addicted to peeing on things... I like to pee on sticks-you know like ovulation predictors (OPK's) and pregnancy tests...
I know that it may be too early to test...I know what the answer is going to be ahead of time. But I just can't help myself (With the price of these things I might as well pee on a $5 bill). I think about it all day long. From the time I get up until the time I can get my hand on a pee stick.
I have peed on sticks in many different places-my house, my parents house, church retreats, public restrooms, it goes on...I have a problem..I have tried some interventional strategies...I have tried to pee on a Q-tip-but it just doesn't do it for me-it doesn't give the same high....You don't get the smiley face or lack of face...or the single pink line (I have yet to see the elusive two lines).
Which brings me to today. I tell D- "D, I really need you to buy me a pregnancy test today." He says fine. So I come home from work and they are on the table....But what does he buy....EPT. I despise EPT. God love him-he rocks my world. I would never say anything.. But we have been doing this about 3 years favorite is First Response. So up to the bathroom I go. I read the instructions...(I know being the expert I am I should know the ins and outs-but I'm not familiar with this brand) Can you believe that the instructions actually say "do not put in your vagina." No, really?! Anyway, I do my thing...wait, and wait. Suprise, suprise its a negative....again. No shocker there. So I was feeling mildly depressed and decided to go to Marshalls and bought myself the beautiful shoes you see me wearing above. No baby-but I am the mother to a pair of Nude Guess Shoes.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Not the only one with a defective uterus

It appears as though I am not the only one with a defective uterus around here...thank God! When my mom had her gallbladder taken out several years ago I bought her a stuffed gallbladder from the iheartguts website. While searching their site-I found this adorably cute stuffed uterus...only to find that like me she too is 2008 she was recalled...
Apparently Miss Uterus failed a simple "pull" test. If pulled the ovaries may detach and become a choaking hazard. It also says in bold print Keep Away from Children.

At times I feel very similar to this plush times I am a potential choking hazard...and there must be a warning sign on my back that says keep away from children...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Doctor Appointment

So-we had our pre IVF consult with our RE (love him). We went to go over previous testing, what to expect with our IVF procedure and any questions we had.
While at our meeting he gave us a "rough" protocol for our cycle. Its going to be intense-lots of early mornings-but will hopefully be worth it in the end. Day One, two or three-baseline bloodwork and ultrasound. Then begin nightly FSH injections (follicle stimulating hormone) to encourage more eggs to be produced. With that I will be required to go in about every other morning around 7 am for bloodwork and ultrasound to track my progress. Around Day 6 I will add another injection to my regimen that will shut down the pituitary-so my body doesn't release the eggs too soon. Once the doctor feels the follicles are the right size I will stop all injections and "trigger" with HCG the pregnancy hormone-that will release my eggs. About 36 hours later I will have my Egg Retrieval-I will be put under anesthesia and they will go in with a small needle and aspirate the follicles and pull the eggs out to be fertilized. They will then be taken to the lab and join with the sperm and allowed to fertilize. Three days later they will pick the two embryos that have developed the best and they will do our embryo transfer which will hopefully result in a baby.
We have a 47-48% chance of success with this procedure-which sounds really low-but compared to our projected 15%-its so much higher. There is a risk of twins or triplets-but we will be happy with whatever God gives us and we know we are never given more than we can handle. (just please don't give me quads-I may have a hard time with that!)
Next up is our nurses talk-we have to go in and sign all the consent forms..but more importantly they want our money! Dr W I hope you enjoy your new Ferrari I have purchased you-perhaps you will give me an honorable mention when you drive around town.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Money, Money, Money!

Whoever said babies are expensive wasn't joking! We just found out that we were approved for our loan so that we can go through with IVF (yay!)....I would tell you how much it was for but a. you would think we were insaine and b. you would say are you sure you don't want to adopt? (and yes, at this time we are not ready to...and it costs 15K more to adopt-so we will try this first)

So, we have figured out that assuming our IVF is successful (remember, there are no guarentees)-we will be paying for our FIRST child until we are approximatly 86 or dead-which ever comes first. Assuming we die-our child will be responsible for paying off the loan for their existance. Duncan is also very excited at the possibilty of a baby brother or sister in the future. He, however, is not excited at the fact that he may need to share his Juicy Couture dog carrier as a baby bag or give his dog clothes as hand-me-downs for a time as we get accustom to our new "mortgage." lol

**Please do not take our humor for seriousness. We feel that God is going to use our heartache and difficulty for a better good. D and I have dealt with our infertility and deal with it in many different ways-humor being one :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Punta Cana for No Baby Mama!

Yep, thats right... we just booked our summer vacation to Punta Cana! We are so excited-we went in September and had a blast. We wanted to go to the same resort..but we missed the special price...But good news for us we ended getting this beautiful place you see to the left-which is a "5 Apple"-better than last time!

We are staying at the Riu Bambu-for 7 nights all inclusive! I cannot wait to lay by the pool-with my SPF 50 (don't want to chance melanoma!)-with a good book and RELAX! I can just see it now....