Sunday, July 4, 2010

Money, Money, Money!

Whoever said babies are expensive wasn't joking! We just found out that we were approved for our loan so that we can go through with IVF (yay!)....I would tell you how much it was for but a. you would think we were insaine and b. you would say are you sure you don't want to adopt? (and yes, at this time we are not ready to...and it costs 15K more to adopt-so we will try this first)

So, we have figured out that assuming our IVF is successful (remember, there are no guarentees)-we will be paying for our FIRST child until we are approximatly 86 or dead-which ever comes first. Assuming we die-our child will be responsible for paying off the loan for their existance. Duncan is also very excited at the possibilty of a baby brother or sister in the future. He, however, is not excited at the fact that he may need to share his Juicy Couture dog carrier as a baby bag or give his dog clothes as hand-me-downs for a time as we get accustom to our new "mortgage." lol

**Please do not take our humor for seriousness. We feel that God is going to use our heartache and difficulty for a better good. D and I have dealt with our infertility and deal with it in many different ways-humor being one :)

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