Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Doctor Appointment

So-we had our pre IVF consult with our RE (love him). We went to go over previous testing, what to expect with our IVF procedure and any questions we had.
While at our meeting he gave us a "rough" protocol for our cycle. Its going to be intense-lots of early mornings-but will hopefully be worth it in the end. Day One, two or three-baseline bloodwork and ultrasound. Then begin nightly FSH injections (follicle stimulating hormone) to encourage more eggs to be produced. With that I will be required to go in about every other morning around 7 am for bloodwork and ultrasound to track my progress. Around Day 6 I will add another injection to my regimen that will shut down the pituitary-so my body doesn't release the eggs too soon. Once the doctor feels the follicles are the right size I will stop all injections and "trigger" with HCG the pregnancy hormone-that will release my eggs. About 36 hours later I will have my Egg Retrieval-I will be put under anesthesia and they will go in with a small needle and aspirate the follicles and pull the eggs out to be fertilized. They will then be taken to the lab and join with the sperm and allowed to fertilize. Three days later they will pick the two embryos that have developed the best and they will do our embryo transfer which will hopefully result in a baby.
We have a 47-48% chance of success with this procedure-which sounds really low-but compared to our projected 15%-its so much higher. There is a risk of twins or triplets-but we will be happy with whatever God gives us and we know we are never given more than we can handle. (just please don't give me quads-I may have a hard time with that!)
Next up is our nurses talk-we have to go in and sign all the consent forms..but more importantly they want our money! Dr W I hope you enjoy your new Ferrari I have purchased you-perhaps you will give me an honorable mention when you drive around town.

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