Saturday, September 11, 2010

Answered Prayers

During this journey through IVF we have prayed....a lot-for many different things. IVF is so different than trying to conceive naturally. When you just "try" to have a baby you don't think about all of the different "things" that go into creating a life-LH levels, E2 levels, progesterone, follicle size, time of ovulation, sperm count and motility and so much more.
The other day I got a call from one of the nurses basically saying that my ovaries were "underachievers." For someone my age they typically expect 10-20 follicles...I only had 3 viable. To even make it to retrieval you need 5. I was talking about this with one of my good friends at work and she really made me think about the differences between trying naturally vs ART (advanced reproductive technology). And I never really thought about it that way-I've never really known it any other way. Most couples just do their thing and surprise-9 months later you get a baby. On the reverse end of it-it can be a little more stressful-I know every little detail of my future baby's conception-I know every hormone level-I know every injection I take-I know how many follicles each ovary has-or doesn't have. I am so thankful for my friend bringing this to my attention because-knowing every single detail gets me so stressed and so anxious. I go to Magee every morning about 7 or 730 and get a call with results by 2-3 in the afternoon. That wait just kills me.
That conversation with my friend really made me realize that there is NOTHING else that I can do. I have gone to every appointment my doctor has asked me to. I have taken every injection on time. If my follicles are slow to grow-there's nothing I can do-It is in God's hands and that's where I need to leave it. And that's exactly what I have done the past few days. I had a pep talk with my ovaries. I said they need to shape up or ship out. Then I just prayed....and prayed and prayed and prayed. I prayed that the follicles would grow. And I am so happy to say that I got a good report today. 3 more mature follicle showed up on today's ultrasound!! Hopefully in the next few days a few more will show up. God can and will do amazing things when you leave your worries in his hands!

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