Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shoot Me Up Baby!

Shoot me up with the good stuff baby! Project IVF has commenced! My lovely box of baby making meds arrived the other day as you can see by the picture on the left.....lots of stuff to "shoot up with" Doug thoroughly enjoys the job of "shot giver!"
I go in on Saturday for my first appointment-baseline bloodwork and ultrasound. That night I will start "stimming." Which is just a fancy way of saying Ovulation Induction-I will begin to inject 225u of Repronex into my abdomen for approx. 10 nights to try to get my ovaries to produce as many eggs as possible. About 4-5 nights in I will start another injectable that goes into my abdomen that's called Ganorelix-that shuts down the pituitary glad-that will prevent my body from ovulating on it's own. After those 10 nights I will take another injection of HCG-the pregnancy hormone-that will prime the eggs- I will go in about 35 hours later and have a minor surgery and have my eggs taken out. While I am having surgery-Doug will give his "sample." They will then put his sperm into a centrifuge and spin out all the dumb sperm (the slow swimmers, ones with out tails, missing heads te he-I make myself laugh!) Then my eggs and his sperm get put together to make BABIES!!!!!!
3 Days later I go back in and 2 beautiful embies will be put back in my uterus....Then the fun part a Progesterone injections....That's right a 2 inch needle gets shoved directly into my boney butt for 2 whole weeks!

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